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Questions and Answers

Q.  What are the murals printed on?

A. Our murals are printed on high quality vinyl with a peal-away paper backing

Q.  How easy are they to install? 

A.  Our murals come ready to install, just follow the instructions provided.  Depending in the size mural purchased, it is recommend to have at least two people assist with installing.

Q.  Should I put a frame around my mural?

A.  Our murals look awesome just as they are, however adding a frame really gives them a quality appearance.

Q.  Are there more murals to choose from?

A.  Eventually yes!  Our goal is to have sixteen total Bible murals in our collection when completed.

Q.  How long does it take to receive my murals one I place my order?

A.  The murals are not printed until they are ordered, so you should expect them to ship within 5 to 7 business days.

Q.  Can I mix and match mural sized in my order?

A.  Yes, however, you would not receive a full set discount.

Q.  Do I have to order a complete set or can I pick and choose which murals I want to purchase?

A.  Absolutely!  Just select which murals you want and the mural size and place the order.

General Information

  • Our wall murals are printed on durable self-adhesive vinyl that can be removed and reapplied. 

  • The murals are not recommend for uneven or textured walls or surfaces.

  • Save your mural backing paper and store in the delivery tube.  It will come in handy should you want to remove your mural and store for later use.

  • If you intend to move your murals often, we recommend that you apply them to a hard smooth light weight substrate such as 1/2" foam board, corrugated plastic, etc. for easy set-up and breakdown.

Recommendations for Best Results

  • Allow murals to relax on a flat surface 12-24 hours prior to installation.

  • Do not apply to freshly painted walls.  We recommend that you allow new paint to cure for at least 30 days prior to application.

  • Only use a soft cloth and water to clean graphics.  NO chemical cleaners!

  • Do not attempt to install murals in extreme heat or cold conditions (60-80 degrees is recommended)

  • We suggest you have at least two or three people help install the large murals.

Tools Needed

  • measuring tape 

  • soft plastic applicator to removed air bubbles that may be trapped during application

  • level

  • scissors

  • masking/blue tape

  • pencil

  • extra set of hands

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